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by Thomas Trezise on April 2nd, 2024
Reading Time 1 MinuteEaster focuses us on Christ's physical resurrection from the tomb, and well it should. It is the central event of Christianity. Without the tomb our faith lacks meaning. 1 Corinthians 15: 13-14As Christians, we have the faith and hope that we, too, will be raised to life in Christ's eternal kingdom with a physical body as his at the resurrection. Spiritually, however, we exper...  Read More
It's A Wonderful (Kingdom) Life
by Thomas Trezise on December 15th, 2023
Reading Time: 2.5 minutes I just watched It's a Wonderful Life for the most recent time of a number greater than I care to admit. Suffice it to say, I'm a fan. I have always been drawn to the redemptive message of the film, with the additional appeal of wondering what life would be like if I had not been born. This time, however, the Kingdom jumped out and grabbed me.If you are unfamiliar with the...  Read More
God Knows Where You Are
by Thomas Trezise on December 14th, 2023
Reading Time: 6 minutes. This is a Christmas sermon I preached 14 years ago. I share it often at Christmas. It is a little longer than our usual Stories, but I think you will not regret the time invested in reading it.  A special recognition for Pastor Ken Gaub who provided much of the content and inspiration. The title is his and much of the description of his personal story for which I have lost...  Read More
Getting the Message
by Thomas Trezise on December 4th, 2023
The grocery seems to be a place where I find the Kingdom more easily. (See The Kingdom in a Grocery Aisle) My most recent experience occurred a few days ago.  Read More
Missing the Message
by Thomas Trezise on November 27th, 2023
This summer we completed an extended road trip that had us visiting many relatives and friends across a number of states. That required me to book a few hotels. The hotels all seemed to offer chat services to help with booking. One made interaction with a live human almost impossible by steering me into the artificial intelligence of the chat. After an extended exchange with the chat bot, I received this message: "I recognize your words but do not understand your message."  Read More