Who are we? 

About The Everyday Kingdom

The purpose and mission of The Everyday Kingdom is to foster a community of Christians that helps people find and experience the peace, purpose, and joy available from living every day in Christ’s Kingdom. We will develop, offer, and promote resources to help Christians, seekers, and non-Christians understand what the Kingdom is, how to see, experience, and live in it, and how the Kingdom intersects with the secular world.

John and the other apostles attested to what they experienced in the life and teachings of Jesus and after his resurrection. They assured us that they knew what they taught because Jesus was real and they experienced him as a living companion and friend. They experienced Jesus alive, crucified, and resurrected and proclaimed their experience.

Just as John testified that what he saw, heard, and experienced affirmed the reality of Jesus, we, too, can attest to what we see, hear, and experience of the Kingdom every day to help others see the present reality of Jesus. As we share our lived experiences in Christ, all will begin to see he is as real as the Christ the apostles witnessed, and we will begin to see and experience the life in his Kingdom that God intends for us now, not just eternally after we die.

Why The Everyday Kingdom?