Lessons About The Kingdom

The resources found below offer in depth information about the Kingdom through teachings, readings, videos, and more. Do a deeper dive into Jesus, his teachings, and the Kingdom.

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Kingdom or Chaos: The Hope of the Kingdom in a Broken World.
Musician, missionary, and teacher, Don Stephens, offers this two hour seminar entitled Kingdom or Chaos:The Hope of the Kingdom in a Broken World. The seminar grew out of a decade of mission work in Sarajevo, Bosnia, where Don realized the scaled-down evangelistic message of contemporary Christianity was inadequate in addressing the overwhelming needs of a nation in trauma.  A re-examination of the the Gospel led Don to the forgotten message of the Kingdom of God as it was understood and preached in the early years of the church. What began as a quest for Biblical answers to the decay and collapse of contemporary culture eventually evolved into this seminar which has been given in churches, conferences, universities, and mission bases throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Through stories, visuals, music, and film clips, the seminar is designed to awaken believers and non-believers alike to the beauty and hope of the Kingdom of God, not simply for the next life, but for the fractured world of today. We are confident that after you have completed both parts of  this seminar, as with many participants you will have a new and dynamic perspective on the intersection of the Kingdom of God in your life. View Part 1View Part 2.
Living in the New Kingdom
Dr. Cedric Oliver
Dr. Oliver recently died. He delivered this teaching at Embassies of Christ Ministries, for which he was a founder, in Gary, Indiana. Dr. Oliver presents a strong picture of what it means to live in the Kingdom. Near the end he speaks of current political issues. If you disagree with his political views do not allow that perspective to cloud your understanding of his message about the Kingdom.
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Another Resource is Coming!
We are just getting started. More video lessons or streaming opportunities will be added as The Everyday Kingdom grows.