For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Want to serve but have limited time or not aware of an opportunity that fits you? If you believe in the mission of The Everyday Kingdom to provide a space where people can share and witness to their experience with Jesus and use and develop resources to help people understand and grow in Christ's Kingdom, then we could use your help. As with all organizations, we have daily activities that must be accomplished, such as approving new Participants, adding and changing website content and creating new pages, maintaining social media sites, and communicating with Participants, as well as many more. We will work with whatever time you can offer to use your service, even just one hour per month. Examine our current needs below and let us know how you would like to help.

Serve in The Everyday Kingdom

Use your unique gifts to lift up others and raise yourself as you serve. Consider our current opportunities.

Web Content 

The Everyday Kingdom changes every day. Books and reviews for the Library, music for the Jukebox, movies for the Theater, and Stories for the Kingdom Stories all must be added and changed. Content must be added and changed to current web pages and those under development. We need volunteers who can and will manage the content of one or more web pages, or the entire website. Depending on the page, that work can vary from once a month to daily.


Requests from new Participants must be processed and invitations sent. Participants occasionally must be removed. Also involves managing Group memberships. Depending on the volume of requests this could be daily or weekly.

Social Media 

The Everyday Kingdom will have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with expectations to grow onto other platforms. We need help monitoring the changing website content and pushing that content onto social media. Experience developing social media sites would also be helpful. This could be one to three times per week.


The Everyday Kingdom will work heavily through technology including the website, business management, email, etc. The providers offer support, but we could use help solving problems and applying updates and changes.


The Everyday Kingdom expects to communicate with Participants not only through the website, but also emails, texts, press releases, and more. Those communications must move from the creators through the process and to the final recipients. Frequency will vary, but unlikely more than weekly.


For The Everyday Kingdom to fulfill its mission and grow, reaching potential new Participants and encouraging them to join the community is an essential and continuing function. If you have marketing skills, this could be a great opportunity to use and grow them.
Ideas. We have lots of ideas for additional resources and activities for The Everyday Kingdom. We have plans for a daily devotional, a podcast, and a daily commentary of the news from the Kingdom perspective. If you have an idea, too, please share it. But we need help to make other ideas realities. If you are interested in those mentioned, or have an idea for something else new, please select Volunteer to Serve above and complete the form, choosing other and describing your idea or how you might serve a new resource. We are Kingdom-focused and that means listening to our community.

Questions about volunteering?

We would love to clarify volunteering requirements for you. Please reach out if you still have questions.