The Kingdom Helpers

In God's Kingdom, every day someone gives and someone receives.
The next day the roles may reverse.
The truth is that is how God intends for us to live together.
The people that follow below have given their time to bring The Everyday Kingdom to you.
We hope that we can soon add your name to the list. 



John Barnes. Photographer. Home Page sunrise photo.


Chip Graber. Writer. Methodist Bible study leader.


Yana. Music Contributor. Yana is still a minor so we have to protect her identity. She is selecting songs for the Jukebox. She's proof that the Spirit does not worry about age even if we do.


Jacque Leveron. Writer. Senior Pastor at Ponte Vedra Church, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.


Leah Maasen. Marketing consultant and social media manager.
Josh Morley. Website activity adviser.


Edwin Richiez. Writer. Director of Family Ministry, Ponte Vedra Church, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


Larry Schmidt. Director. Legal advisor.
Don Stephens. Director of Content. Writer; Teacher.
Tom Stephen. Writer. Tom is the senior pastor at Monte Vista Presbyterian Church in Newbury Park, California. He has a passion for creation and for helping others discover peace and guidance in their lives. He is the co-author of Lead Vertically.


Kathy Trezise. Operations Director.
Tom Trezise.  Executive Director. Writer; Editor; Content Manager.


Unknown. Be the next Volunteer for The Everyday Kingdom!