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Have you experienced peace or joy in Christ and want to tell others about it? Have you been involved in an activity where you felt that you were fulfilling Christ's purpose for your life? If so, share those experiences to help others see what it means to live in the Kingdom. Have you ever doubted that Christ was real? Have you ever felt you just did not understand Jesus or what it means to be a Christian?  Curious about how others live in Christ? If any of those spark your interest, our Facebook Forum is the place for you.

You may chat with others at The Everyday Kingdom Facebook Forum about issues of faith, Christian relationships, or Christian teachings regarding Christ's Kingdom, and share the myriad of ways you may experience Christ and his Kingdom in your life, or raise your questions, doubts, and fears. This is a community of imperfect people who all have doubted and still doubt, have sinned and still sin, and know Jesus or want to know more about Jesus and his Kingdom. We are all works in progress and in helping others by what we each share we may also be helped.

 You may also comment on posts by others or discuss something you have seen, read, or heard at the Library, the Theater, the Jukebox, or other places in The Everyday Kingdom, except Kingdom Stories, where you may comment directly at each story.

The Everyday Kingdom reserves the right to remove any post that violates our terms of use or privacy policy, uses vulgarity or profanity, or abuses or insults another user. 
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