Speakers and Teachers

The Everyday Kingdom offers speakers and teachers who will come to you and speak to you or provide teaching sessions about Jesus, his teachings or the Kingdom of God. Contact each speaker or teacher to learn of requirements and availability. The Everyday Kingdom also will offer streaming events. Watch for announcements.

If you would like to be considered for addition to our Speakers Bureau, please contact us and tell us of your interest. Contact Us We will follow up with you then.

Meet the team.

Learn about our speakers and teachers, their backgrounds and experience, their availability, and their requirements.

Don Stephens

Don Stephens began teaching and speaking about the Kingdom of God in 2001 while serving as a missionary in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a passionate and charismatic speaker and musician. Through stories, visuals, music, and film clips, Don awakens believers and non-believers alike to the beauty and hope of the Kingdom of God, not simply for the next life, but for the fractured world of today. His presentations can be as short as an hour of extend to a multiple-day workshop. Learn more about Don at Dispatches From the Shadowlands.

Tom Trezise

Tom Trezise began to understand the Kingdom of God when he experienced its peace as he walked to the pulpit approximately 25 years ago to preach his first sermon. At that moment he knew he was exactly the person he was created to be and doing exactly what he was created to do in that moment. Ever since, he has been proclaiming the Kingdom in sermons and as a worship and discussion leader. Tom is available to preach on the Kingdom or speak to church and other organizations. You may review some of his sermons at The Sermon Closet.