The Kingdom in a Grocery Aisle

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Yesterday, while shopping at a grocery, I overheard a little girl of approximately six years ask her mother, “What is your favorite holiday?” Her mother turned away from the shelves and, looking squarely at her, said, “Your birthday is my favorite holiday!” And the little girl beamed. I passed by thinking to myself, “Well done, Mom. Well done.”

That was my Kingdom-moment for yesterday. The mother with few words told her daughter that she was loved and valued. The little girl beamed because she got the message.

Christ sends that message to us in so many ways. I wonder how often I just pass them by. Fortunately, I did not yesterday. You see, yesterday was my birthday. I heard in those few words of the mother not only her love for her daughter, but also Christ’s love and appreciation of my worth. I don’t think God ever told me “Happy Birthday” before. Yesterday he did.

© 2022 Thomas Trezise

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