Kingdom 101

I'm addicted to the Kingdom of God. I crave experiencing it. Even though I do far too infrequently. And I want you to experience life in it as much as you possibly can. That's the reason why I am involved in The Everyday Kingdom. Jesus wants us to experience life in him every moment of every day.  I'm not suggesting it is easy to do. It requires us to think and act by doing something absolutely and entirely contrary to our natures -- surrender to Jesus.

A few years ago I preached a sermon titled Stuck at the Gate. It covers much of what I know about the Kingdom and tells how I found my way there. Since then, I have been sharing the sermon and have taken to calling it Kingdom 101.

Colleges give the 101 designation to courses that are overviews of a subject, which whet appetites to go deeper into the subject with more concentrated courses. I'm sharing the sermon with you in the hope that it will whet your appetite for life in the Kingdom of God, now. You may find it HERE. I hope it helps you walk through the gate to the Kingdom!

© 2023, Thomas M. Trezise

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